Hand Crafted Bamboo Fly Rods

We specialize in hand crafting bamboo fly rods using vintage tapers. These exquisite rods are precision reproductions of the finest bamboo rods ever made. Intended for regular use on the water, your Top Ten Taper rod will also become a treasured heirloom for generations to come.

Bamboo rods perform unlike any other rod available. They load, cast, and respond with a sweetness and finesse that cannot be achieved with graphite or fiberglass. Our rods offer perhaps the finest experience a fly fisher can have by replicating what are considered to be the top ten tapers ever conceived and crafted in the history of bamboo rod making.


Now you can own a new bamboo rod accurately recreated from the original vintage manufacturer's specifications. Currently we offer fourteen different rods, each with its own unique characteristics. The rods these replicate are considered by anglers to be in the top ten of all bamboo rods ever manufactured. Originals of these rods in good condition currently sell for $3,500 to beyond $5,000. With Top Ten Tapers you can now fish your own custom made bamboo rod for the price of mid-level graphite rod.


Our workshop is located in northeast Ohio in the community of Twinsburg. We build, restore and repair rods for local fly fishers as well as for customers across the United States.


Currently these are the rods that we reproduce and would be honored to make for you.  Each rod comes with two tips.

Thomas & Thomas Caenis 7 1/2 foot,    2-piece,    3 weight
Leonard 38 7 foot,           2-piece,    4 weight
Payne 100 7 1/2 foot,    2-piece,    4 weight
Winston 7042 7 foot,           2 piece,     4 weight
Garrison 206 7 1/2 foot,    2-piece,     4 weight
Paul Young Perfectionist 7 1/2 foot,    2-piece,     4 weight
Dickerson 7613 7 1/2 foot,     2-piece,    5 weight
Phillipson Pacemaker 8 foot,            3-piece,    5 weight
Hardy CCdeFrance 8 foot,            2-piece,    5 weight
Orvis Wes Jordan 7 1/2 foot,     2-piece,    6 weight


Other exceptional vintage tapers offered:


Granger Special 7 1/2 foot,     2-piece,    4 weight
Leonard 804 8 foot,            2-piece,    4 weight
Granger Aristocrat 7 foot,            2-piece, 7/8 weight
Waara Switch Rod 11 foot,         3-piece,      7 weight

Restoration & Repair

In addition to crafting new fly rods, Top Ten Tapers offers restoration services for any bamboo fly rod that needs repair. From repairing a broken rod to restoring a vintage rod or family heirloom, we can work with you to determine the options for your particular situation.


Broken bamboo rod? No problem.

The Story of Top Ten Tapers

How did an engineer specializing in nuclear energy, semiconductors, and nanotechnology become the maker of custom bamboo fly rods? Well, it's about fishing, family, and passion. Read about Bill and the story of our company in the "About Us" section of the website.


Please contact us using the form on the Contact Us page. We will be happy to discuss how we can help you become the owner of a new bamboo fly rod or bring the rod you already own into pristine condition.

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