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Comments about New Rods

"Fished today with my new Paul Young Perfectionist.  I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT!!!  Landed maybe ten on the new rod.  It performed well.  I am very pleased.  Thanks!"

-- David


"What a nice casting - beautifully crafted piece of art!  There are not enough 'Os' in 'SMOOTH.'" (Payne #100 rod)

-- Paul


"D____ let me use his 4-weight Garrison 206 bamboo rod, and I was very impressed. The slower action and amazing sensitivity were absolutely perfect for playing small-stream grayling. Every head-shake and dash was relayed up the rod and really made the most out of every fish hooked. When I returned to my 5-weight S____, it felt in comparison like I was fishing with a flagpole."

-- Ken


"Hi Bill, just got back from our fishing trip (in Michigan) and wanted to let you know I really enjoyed my new bamboo fly rod. We hit a fair hatch of brown drakes and many fish were caught. I caught a 15 incher on a dry and a 17 incher on a streamer, both browns.  The rod fished great, and I love it. Yours, Richard"


"Real happy with the way the fly rod turned out (Winston). Can't wait to start using it. Thanks again!"

- John


Comments about Restoration Services

"Rod looks great, can't believe it's the same rod."


-- Jack


"The rod got here in great shape.  The rod look like brand NEW.  I wish that I took pictures of it before sending it to you.  It's unbelievable.  Can't wait to take it out.  Thank you again for the love you put into this rod."

-- Dennis

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